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Moving on ahead...

2008-05-10 15:58:20 by Ace-the-Dragon

Doing well at school, but stuff is, of course, going wrong here and there. Lots of homework is one. EEP!
'Neway, seen the new episodes of SMB Z, and they own. Also watched Beat up Sandbag. I think a lot of Wii/GC owners remember Sandbag in Brawl/Melee. Also, I might just get some YTPMVs from some guys who make them (including igualamam). I'll post a few, but i'll ask permission to the makers first. Also, it will include some Transformers for the mecha/Transformers fans, and ones including Dr. Ivo Robotnik (PENISH!). And I may just post a YT vid of NG Brawl, if there are a few requests going. I don't have it on YT yet, but if you subscribe to me on YT (screen name is BigBoom304) I might post it. Also, I'm using a LOT of time on MQ, which I have a trainer for. What is a trainer? Well, it's a program (sometimes a .rar file, causing you to need WinRAR, so you can see the files inside) that allows you to basically play the game without opening your browser. It still connects to the 'net, but what's so interesting about a trainer? It's got neat hacks. In the Hover Bot Trainer case, it has these 3 hacks: Health hack, Speed hack, and maximum weapon power. The hacks tend to come in .swf format. I also have 2 AQ trainers, but AQ disconnects from the trainer quickly if you hack blatantly. I just use custom weps really, so I can easily kill some monsters. The second trainer which has the custom weapon...well, there are 3 versions for every type of attack: Blade (for melee), Spear (for ranged) and Staff (for magic). They all hit Element X, which is strong against dragons, whom are weak against it. They dish out a ridiculous 85-121 damage (more or less), which is a LOT. And also, The Immortal (the creator of the AQ Elite trainer which I'm talking about) wanted it to always hit no matter what, so he added a 125 Bonus to Hit. Yeow.

Over and out.


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2008-05-10 16:01:08

I've been having a lot of homework too.

Ace-the-Dragon responds:

Heh, no wonder ^_^


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